Swap Mama Madness

So, a year ago I started dabbling in the world of online swapping. Having kids, you are always finding economical ways to buy things for your kids but also trying to find a way to gain some of that money back once your kids have outgrown their toys, clothes and gear. It started out innocently enough. Swap pages started popping up all over Facebook. Pick your city, there is going to be at least one page where you can shop and unload your own things all in one convenient place. Then, one day I came across a page called “Gap Obsessed”. I “liked” the page and was immediately immersed in the world of new and used Baby Gap clothing.  I was instantly hooked. I started learning about the “lines” that gap carries, what is in demand and what these items are “worth”. There was a lot of talk between other moms about who is in search of what and who has called “dibs” on certain things. As I became more immersed in these buying and selling pages, I soon realized that I was better off creating a “selling” page. A page that I could “add friends” with whom to buy and sell through without having to share all my personal info. I am a very private person as it is. I am not someone who advertises every little detail of my life on line. My Facebook friends were not subjected to potty training progress reports on my son, nor are they made aware every time my son or daughter sneezes or says something cute. So, I created a page where none of my “personal” information was correct (birthday, city I live in etc.) and away I went.

Being new, people were a little wary to do “business” with me. It is imperative that you establish yourself with a solid reputation as a buyer and seller. Like anything there are some “bad apples” People who will knowingly sell stained or ruined clothing or people who will flake out when the time comes to pay for items they have said they want. Before long it became clear that this was much more than just moms shopping for their little ones clothing. It was very much a community. People were always watching out for one another. Sharing advice on parenting, support through hard times and having your back when you are having a bad day. Today, one year later I am proud to say that I am very much a part of this community. Everyone has heard of “the six degrees of separation”.  In my time on my Facebook selling page I have met some local moms right here in my own community. People who I have probably run across while shopping at Save On Foods, or the local community center and would probably have never spoken to or met had it not been for on line swapping.  I have also “met” people from all over the United States. People who over the year I have shared my own stories, advice and from whom I have often asked for advice. I have shared pictures of my kids and have been guilty of sharing one or two cute comments that my kids have said. Often I will spend more time on my “selling” page than I do on my own personal page. I love the conversations that I have with my fellow swap mamas. Sometimes they are nothing more complicated than “what is your opinion of this shirt with these pants” and sometimes they are very much meaningful discussions about parenting, society and relationships. I have seen some not so nice people and some pretty “mean girl” behaviors, but all in all I treasure the “friends” I have made on line. It has been a fun year so far, it’ll be very interesting to see where this all goes from here…


About kidsavvy

So I have decided to try my hand at blogging. As a mom of two small kids I have found myself in this strange world of questioning myself, our society and what it is I REALLY want for myself and my family. I can give the easy answer of "balance". But I'm not exactly sure what that really means. So I have made the decision to put my thoughts "out there" and hopefully make myself more accountable in the every day choices I make. I am eager to hear feedback and opinions, even those that don't necessarily agree with mine.
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